Status/condition - Utura or Utito~?

Svekke (412 Elite Knight, Peloria) said:
Abstract/Vision Statement: I see a world where i can tell, whether my knight has activated utura gran OR utito tempo on my status bar.

Current Situation: I can see a green arrow up, with the text, "you are strengthened".
This tells me that i have some kind of supportive spell active, but not which one, and this is what i have a possible soloution for

Solution: The healing strengthened logo could be a color that matches the buff it gives (green as it is for utura), and the offensive strengthened logo could be red or some other colour that matches that kind of strengthening feeling my character feels.

Consequences: There will be no need to have the skill tab open to see if i have 120 in sword fighting or 156. Because we can easily distinguish this in the future by looking at the status bar. However it will be filled by, yet another status effect logo
13/03/2018 17:19
Critlord (334 Elite Knight, Vita) said:
Would also be nice if mages could cast their avalanches on their party members without getting the "You have to adjust your pvp settings to attack this player".
13/03/2018 18:58
Elite Fern (190 Elite Knight, Veludera) said:
I agree.

It's a little incovenient keeping the skills window open all the time just for you to know if you are still utito'ed or is just the utura gran spell active.

The situation is worse when there creatures that casts spells which lowers melee skills and you need utito on all the time.

13/03/2018 19:28