SELL HOUSE (near Flying Carpet)

Dave Hood (135 Royal Paladin, Secura) said:
I'm selling my little mine in the mountain:

House: The Farms 2 (near the flying carpet)
City: Kazordoon
Sqm: 26 sqm
Bed: 2 bed

Bid Start: 14/12/2014 (ServerSave) whit 50k
Bid finish: 17/12/2014 (ServerSave)

~~ Autowin: 400k ~~

It's near the FLYING CARPET and WAGON that takes you to depot.
The house is located in a quiet area with only 4 neighbors. It's in an excavation in the mountain just for it.

P.D.: If someone is interested can msg me on Game.

See you & Good luck!
14/12/2014 05:33
Dave Hood (135 Royal Paladin, Secura) said:
16/12/2014 23:19