Retro PvP - Support it-

Brandon Wake (7 Druid, Fortera) said:
For those who are still hyped about this server, i recommend you to help the community, for what it is best for all, Go help signing the proposals i just created, you are free to disagree, but just don't let them fade away, i'm about to create more ideas for these new servers, because i really gave up with the normal ones, sun's light is still there deep down this game, and this light is called 'retro open pvp servers'

go clic on my signature links in order to help/contribute something to the community.

I'm not winning anything with this, so don't tell me i'm spamming for my own convenience, feel free to propose brand new ideas, for the upcmming Server, so they can all be placed in this very thread-

remember that this server for many people like me, is going to be a good hobby, we are probably gonna get the nerdy-exciting feeling we once had about this game. so i beg you all who are insterested, to help with proposals in order to be heard.

P.S Mirade and the other CM's stated they were going to be hearing proposals and petitions for these new servers, (that's why theres a big-long proposal about the 7.4 comming back), eventho they said initially the servers were only gonna have.

°No fair fighting
°No twist of Fate
°No Ghosting
°2 Unjust per player
°Friendly Fire

people still have hope, because of cipsoft's words, don't let the ideas of people who are still insterested in the game, get faded away.

Take in consideration tho, that these ideas are suppose to be only for retro open pvp servers.

Ideas so Far:

Pz LOCK When defending yourself

No Happy hour on Retro Open Pvp servers

Retro Client Design Option
10/10/2014 08:06