New World Order!

Anglo Saxon (7 Knight, Laudera) said:
Call to all Freedom fighters of:-

Aurera, Elysia and Valoria

A new way of life will emerge!

right now we have the power to take out the top opposing guilds and reclaim what is rightfully ours!

a world free of corruption and abuse, a world where all is free to hunt, free to transfer and free to participate in any world event or quest!

our message is clear, we will bring back peace to our new world!

we will dominate and give back to the community and share the spoils with those who rightfully deserve it!

[The Proposal]

A new champion will be selected to lead and a new era of tibia shall be ushered in our new world! those who want a free and just tibia are urged to join the movement and drive out the cancer which is those who seek to enslave us.

If your guild is currently against injustice sign your guild names below and a champion from each leading guild will be selected to be a leader in the new movement, anyone willing to lead and become the ruling hand of our new team let yourself be known. we will need all the help we can get to make sure tibia is back to the way it needs to be.

those of you who are in top guilds and want more for your server are urged to abandon their way of life so that your voice can be heard!

these guilds are not your friends, they will use you so they can hold the best spawns for them selves, keep ferumbras for selected players only and hold spawns so no one else can level except them! we will fight so this will not happen!!!!!

Join the movement!

Sign now and become a leader!

your server needs you!

do not destroy what we have all lost again!

United we stand, divided we fall!
01/04/2016 04:30
Ze Oni Zakus (32 Elder Druid, Bellona) said:
I don't see why we can't make things interesting, there will be much fighting going on might as well have a little fun with it. i'll be in touch.
01/04/2016 21:40
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