Make this Dominando stop. Join US.

Miss Delinguini (170 Elite Knight, Vunira) said:

Our new guild "Death Hell Walkers" recruits members who want to make this dominando stop.
That's a good point to report them for botting that's not enough.

Togheter we can do something about them.

Our promises:

-Exept them, no one innocent will be hunted.
-We will not OVER DOMINATE, every event , every boss. Free for everyone. The luck will give the best loot to who deserve it.
-Open skull ? Yes you can, we will not kill you (We will kill only them, not innocent like you)
-Hunting Places ? Easy ... Respect each other
-Botting ? Massive report.

How to join us:

(We will creat a E-mail and Website, etc)
But you can msg "Everton Neverlight" "Miss Delinguini" or "Avicenne" to join us.

Required ?

We need your IP to make sure you are not a spy
If one day you want leave the guild ? you are free to go, we will not kill or hunted etc.

That's all, i hope good luck to our ennemies.
Btw our guild will not have "Leader spy" and "Memeber spy" like them and like "Saantos"

Have a nice day, and togheter we are stronger.

BestyPro Team
29/03/2016 21:59
Vornar (486 Master Sorcerer, Kenora) said:
Everton there? rly?

Nice joke
29/03/2016 22:06
Saantos (326 Royal Paladin, Zeluna) said:
the right to be yourself, you speak much and do little, looking neutral to fight a war that you know you do not have the minina chance to win? you are the master pvp the tibia, and What happens always in this depot?
29/03/2016 22:07
Miss Delinguini (170 Elite Knight, Vunira) said:
The difference between you and me ?
I'm trust poeple , i dont kick friends for nothing
and i dont sell informations to the ennemie guild like you
29/03/2016 22:15
Rain Wargod (120 Master Sorcerer, Valoria) said:
u will downgrade till lvl 8 LOL
like joe neverdown XDDDDD

if u want to lose all ur lvls feel free to leave from pz

29/03/2016 23:52
Miss Delinguini (170 Elite Knight, Vunira) said:
Trust me , i dont need to fight all of you.
You got much spy in your guild.
Programmed self-destruction.

Saantos is a spy, he will make you lose the war.
And one of your leader's is a spy too. [SPOILER SOON]

Like Everton, he was my spy for long long long time.
You rly think i dont have more spy in your guild ?
I can spoil 2-3 spy to help you ... maybe you will have a chance to win against me.

Tell me about proof and you will get proof about saantos.
Tell to them the truth or i will do it
30/03/2016 01:43
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