Make level 200 summons useful for all vocs and lvls above

Mark Bullseye (251 Royal Paladin, Descubra) said:
Title: Improving level 200 summons

Abstract/Vision Statement: I've seen people complaining that the level 200 summons aren't really good for hunting on higher levels and for certain vocations.

Detailed Description:

Current situation/Problem: The summon usually mess up the hunts randomly changing the creeps aggro or just dying too fast.

1- Make some mechanism (by buttons, spells, whatever) that you can swap between two modes on summons. Tank mode, where the summon pull the creeps aggro (like challenge spells), and supportive mode, where the summons are invisible to the creatures, can get to regen their health, and deal less damage or just give buffs to the owner.

2- Make the summons slightly increase their total health points and regeneration rate, based on the owner's level.

The players would stop complaining that the summons mess up the hunt when they want to be surrounded by monsters (make a box), or that they just die too fast on hunts for lvl 500+ for example. Also, not pulling the monsters aggro, summons would be useful even in party hunts.
13/08/2019 21:38