I'm driving my Rolls Royce Wraith in Dubai. Why don't you?

Ramino The Sorcerer (101 Sorcerer, Antica) said:
I started from Nothing! and worked my way up to the top. If you want to be successful you have to put yourself in front of everybody else. Don't waste your time on things that don't earn you money. Money equals success. It doesn't matter what you've been taught, money always equals success. And success equals money. Without money, you are nothing in this world. Same goes for the online world. Once you focus 100% on making money, then you will be successful. You do not neccessarily have to work harder to earn more money. You learn to build a passive income. A passive income means that you keep earning money tomorrow for something you did today. Don't work hard. Work smart!

"Live like nobody else today, so you can live like nobody else later!"

We have always been taught that TIME = MONEY.
And that a normal work week is on average 40 hours.
And that there are 2 ways to earn more money.
You either work more hours, to earn more money.
Or you educate yourself, advance, and earn more money per hour.

But that is a lie!

But there is a third way of earning money. The right way.
And that is passive income.

What can you do today that will make you richer tomorrow?
Spend 100 hours working right now, and work your best.
And let those 100 hours pay off for the next coming thousands of hours.

That is how billionaires think and it's a mindset you have to learn to adapt to you if you want to become rich.
I quit my full-time job as a software developer at age of 27. I am now a multi-millionaire and have retired.

This concept applies to the real world and the cyber world.
I want you all to go out in your city and look at the expensive houses and cars.
And think about what those people did in order to achieve them.
Not everybody is born in a rich family!
Ring their door bell and ask what they did in order to become rich!


"I came to Dubai with a backpack" - Turkish/German Saygin Yalcin, from Bremen. He was a kid in his early 20's. Now he has 4$ billion dollars less than 10 years later. From the hood in Bremen, Germany. To the top floor in Burj Khalifa.

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