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Sephret (51 Paladin, Antica) said:

My name is Hensh. I'm a 900+ EK. I started in 2007 by using bot to skill afk to 100/100 axe at Maze of Lost Souls. When I reached 100/100 I started leveling some. First I went to Liberty Bay and traveled to the Laguna Islands and hunted tortoises with TibiaBot NG until level 217.

At level 217 I started botting at Quaras outside Goroma. I made it to level 292 there.

At level 292 I started botting North Sea Serpent spawn and I stayed there until level 887.

Now I am hunting other things after 10 years of constant botting for exp and skill. I use full defense all the time the past 10 years and use a weak weapon, so that I can skill while hunting. This is why I am almost top axe in Tibia.

My real name is Victor and I have many characters (Tensh, Zensh, and more). I have a few real friends. My irl girlfriend is a tutor here in Tibia, which helps me to avoid any reports. She talks a lot to Rejana (CipSoft staff) and makes sure I am avoided in banwaves. Her name is Linii and has a lot of characters as well.

I founded my guild, Yeah Baby Yeah 10+ years ago and it consists only of me and my real friends. Now we have moved to a new server and created a new guild there, with same people in it. We have now stopped botting and hope to become your best friends.

I looooove anime. I'm almost 30 years old and my parents kicked me out.
I'm Brazilian and very fat. But please, be my friend.

Love you all,
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