firewalkers vs softs

Rey Isaacx (368 Elder Druid, Umera) said:
just a quick question i wanted experienced mages opinion on. i am making a new sorc, and i was wondering what the situation was with firewalker bots vs softs when hunting dragon lords. more specifically dragn lords of POI. i know the firewalkers make it safer, but what about economically. do the firewalkers save more money or the softs?
20/02/2015 18:30
Honmaru (381 Elder Druid, Nefera) said:
The firewalker boots will save you more.
20/02/2015 18:35
Aurochz (200 Elder Druid, Yanara) said:
If you're fast and lure 3-4 at once of course firewalker are better

you using avas mainly anyway, mana goes on healing basically - less walking thru fire (and when you lure a lot expect a lot of firebombs) less healing used and less mana wasted.. so you won't need softs.

Use just rings and don't be bothered about fire on the ground and looking for routes thru it and getting into waves.

If you will be killing one by one you can use softs and walk funny

but firewalker are for 130 level and above, you don't want to kill one by one on that level

so if you can use in poi - use it
20/02/2015 21:43