English Movement / English Speaking

Mitch The Legend (73 Elder Druid, Zanera) said:
English Movement English Speaking/

Hi everyone our movement is a success our combinations of all different types of Languages and people have made this unique.

We have people from almost every country in our guild we are very happy and honored to have them together. It is beautiful to see people with the same ideas and goals.

We are now the biggest English guild in tibia.
Also the biggest English speaking guild.
We are accepting people that speak or do not speak English to help them learn.

Our movement should of been called the Power abusing bot killing movement. We are trying to make a difference in tibia. Together we will be able to do so.

We have had a lot of people share there story's of life in tibia in 2016. 99% of people had the same story tibia everyone has a bad story do to money hungry power abusing boting guilds.

we enjoy listening to everyone story and to try to help people out together with our fellow brothers and sisters that have been hurt in many different ways in this game.

Tibia used to be a game that people came and enjoyed there time playing it now we got these leading guilds destroying it. If you have not noticed.

Zanera is the place we are going to make that stand we are doing great there our black angel brothers from elera all coming also.

Lets all meet zanera boys and girls levels do not matter everyone is welcomed with open arms.

Think bout it throw me a msg lets talk lets share some ideas and story's.

Sincerely, Let there be light were there is Darkness
24/04/2016 01:26
Szpadel (213 Royal Paladin, Wintera) said:
In Darkness we shall stand together
25/04/2016 15:12