Economy Analysis of Tibia VS RL Life

Delphos the Oracle (8 Knight, Funera) said:
Dear Tibia lovers,

My team and I are writing a blog post where we compare the Tibian economy with real countries economies.

For this, I ask any and all of you for your help.

So, how can you help?

We would like you to share with us, through this post, the following information:

1. Vocation
2. Level
3. Skills
4. Best spot for solo profit hunting
5. Profit per hour (without any bonus)
6. Profit per hour (with max bonus) *Any info. on this is GREATLY appreciated, as we aim to analyse how different bonuses impact on profit generation.

For anyone who helps, we are happy to offer a 50% discount in our soon-to-launch ESport Academy. Also, everyone who helps us is gonna be cited in the post.

Thanks for your attention & collaboration.
Enjoy the grinding.

Delphos, leader of the Oracles [Do not look at external websites. Your account could get hacked.]
21/02/2019 02:59