Dominant Players

Kribaa (300 Royal Paladin, Guardia) said:
Hello Team CipSoft

Becoming a player is sometimes a drastic option to apply such a form of punishing a player for any offense there, therefore CipSoft should change the rules of penalizing players for some minor type of silence on the player. The worse problem for the game is the players dominating the server. Those who do not intend to pay for the game only want to live at the expense of someone. Players dominating the server set their own rules and worse harm others, thus destroying the entire server. Players who dominate the entire server can create a group of minions who will persecute others and force them extortion of other money. It seems to me that the removal of "exiva" will not help to continue the server raid by pathological bans and actions of players dominating the server. Another problem is that the dominant player has the right to ban various locations such as warzones, bosses, hunting zones. The server dominating the server collects all the loot from the boss because in Tibia there is already such a sick tradition that it belongs to them. This pathological action for me personally is equal to headaches.

Advantages of players dominating the server:

They do not pay for the game
They not pay for the shop
They trade expensive items on portals for real money
They set their own rules on the server
They harass players by preventing them from further playing
They enforce penalties in the form of money
They prohibit hunting in designated areas
They attribute themselves to the gains from the bosses
They live at the expense of other players
Every year a big drop players in the server

I have been playing this game for years and this is due to my observations and relationships on many servers. I have not encountered such behavior in other games and what we see today is not to be forgotten. Behavior of players dominando is a difficult topic suitable for section with COMPLAINT. In tibia we do not have a section with COMPLAINT. Where can you prove such behavior and thus penalize a player for pathological behavior and abuse of power? In other games today you can give a complaint that the player did not receive the item he was working for. And in Tibia, players are not asking for it because they are harassing others and they are rewriting all the profits from the bosses because they think they should. In order to determine the winner of the item is not command "/roll" in tibia, only the power of the guild dominating the server. Tibia is on a huge disorderly platform. By keeping these players we lost millions of other players.

All these actions that contribute to the fall of this game should be punished better than the Polish word for the letter "K" ... It should be said loudly what is really going on in the game. To this day there are black letters and still continue to be harmed hunted dominant guilds. Everyone is silent because he does not know where to apply for help. Player behavior should CipSoft monitor on the call, CipSoft should look at the photos with complaints and the behavior of the movies players and no one is telling me that the fall of Tibia players is natural.

We want a healthy game, muting "exiva" is a small step for improvement.

If you want to know the true nature of man, give him authority.

CipSoft should have the authority and rules, not the players.

Guild player Dominando thinks that it is an important function on the server, I think that the players Dominating by their actions only destroyed the game. I do not wish to persecute and sick rules!
16/10/2017 16:31
Kribaa (300 Royal Paladin, Guardia) said:
Such 600+ players are already deliberately not paying for the game, they are very fond of disturbing others and abuse the power.
Personally I have talked to such a player and his dream is to dominate and shut down a given server. For their own satisfaction and fun and I say this on facts already made on many dead servers.
Players Dominant server is driven only by greed and more server control.
16/10/2017 16:32
Kowski (52 Elite Knight, Belobra) said:
Cip doesn't show any interest on moderating servers, so another solution could be the implementation of instance dungeons.

However, since Tibia's backend code is probably a spaghetti mess, that is most likely not feasible without investing a lot of resources and time.

So: don't expect that to change anytime soon. Sadly.
16/10/2017 17:05