Buying Mouthpieces for a Horn

Dark Drevon (1016 Elder Druid, Gladera) said:
Msg me in game or post here.
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Wandering Tinkerman (8 Knight, Secura) said:

I have a lot of mouth pieces for sale!
I'll try to catch you online, or you can send me a letter and we can chat.
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Henrisen (1051 Elite Knight, Gladera) said:
Hello, me and Drevon hunt together so we both are interessed, you can try to catch us online at 20:00 BR time might be 23:00-00:00 for you. Just leave us a message in-game and we'll buy all of your mouthpieces.

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Dark Drevon (1016 Elder Druid, Gladera) said:
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