Buy Some Stuff

Rivolt (403 Royal Paladin, Gladera) said:
Im looking forward to buy:

- x2 Book backpacks (1.2kk each market)
- x1 Ornate chestplate (6.66kk market)
- x1 Umbral master spellbook (12kk market)
- x1 Gnome shield (3.8kk market)
- x50 Prismatic ring (42k each market)

- x200 Honeycombs (1.6k each market)
- x100 Ape fur (7.5k each market)
- x100 Bloody pincers (4.5k each market)
- x100 Gold tokens (28,666gp each market)
- x100 Silver tokens (18.5k each market)
- x100 Pieces of dead brain (13k each market)
- x50 Blood Herbs (11k each market)

- x3 Rotworm stew (280k each market)

As mentioned, every offer is posted on market.
If you have any of those items and are interested to sell for a different price, please post a message here or msg me ingame.
12/03/2019 16:58