Buy rares

Ernef (341 Elder Druid, Zunera) said:
*Silver Mace
*Crystal Boots
*Dragon Scale Boots
*Dark Lord's Cape
*Amazon Armor
*Furious Frock
*Demonwing Axe
*Great Axe
*Chain Bolter
*The Devileye
*Reaper's Axe
*Ravager's Axe
*Holy Scarab
*Trapped Lightning
11/02/2019 14:05
Magico Druida (519 Elder Druid, Zunera) said:
I got Reaper's Axe, Ravager's Axe and Trapped lightning for sale in ur list, how much would you pay for each?
I also have other rares such as molten plate, bear doll, vampire doll, horn, 100 vampire lord tokens, morgaroth's heart, ferumbras' puppet, cm token, sun mirror, orshabaal's brain and tapestry of honour V (nothing written on it) if you're interested in them.
17/02/2019 15:48
Hephastus (601 Royal Paladin, Zunera) said:
Sell Demonwing Axe 5 kk
19/02/2019 20:48