Ksaviks (275 Master Sorcerer, Secura) said:
I buy Umbral Master Slayer and Umbral Master Spellbook.

Post here or msg me in game.
03/04/2015 17:31
Gillgamish (54 Paladin, Secura) said:
Spellbook: [Do not look at external websites. Your account could get hacked.]
03/04/2015 18:15
Ormansky (532 Elder Druid, Monza) said:
sell spellbook pm me in game
03/04/2015 21:23
Madame de Pompadour (513 Elite Knight, Secura) said:
Message Combat-mike or Druid-mike about them. He has both, which are the lowest on market at the moment.
04/04/2015 08:02
Ksaviks (275 Master Sorcerer, Secura) said:
Originally posted by Madame de Pompadour on 04.04.2015 08:02:08:
> Message Combat-mike or
> Druid-mike about them. He has both,
> which are the lowest on market at the moment.

I will not msg to this noob. He is scammer he said that he had buyers for 19kk each item. Now you are saying he has still these items. Don't trust him!

Btw. I have bought both for really good price.
04/04/2015 08:48
Six Fears Seven (208 Elite Knight, Secura) said:
You missing some upstairs?!
Tell me how he's a scammer for telling you he has someone that wants to buy for 19kk... He could have told you someone wanted it for 69kk? What's it to you? A)19kk is a good price, and b) he hasn't taken your money or tried to steal from you...
Maybe the buyer he had for 19kk changed their mind... Wow look now he still has the item!!

Grow up and learn some facts before you accuse good people of being something they are not.

I hope karma makes you fall on your shiny new sword
04/04/2015 09:10
Druid-mike (240 Elder Druid, Secura) said:
Lol im a scammer?, didnt i laugh at you for being a noob and offering 11kk for spellbook and 15kk for slayer?,

Please tell us what i scammed and when i scammed lol would love to hear it,

Thanks Six Fears Seven glad someone noticed how pathetic this nub is lol
04/04/2015 14:45
Ksaviks (275 Master Sorcerer, Secura) said:
Druid-mike and his friend - [email protected] Six Fears Seven

You don't know what your "friend" said = shout up.

a) 19kk is not good offer. Trust me. I have bought it in 2 days for 4-5kk lower. 19kk its overprice!

b)He scammed becuase he said "I have a buyer who want buy Spellbook for 19kk and Slayer for 19kk. If you dont buy it for 19,5kk each item I will sell it to them."
He didnt sell it becuase he didnt have any buyer - its scam.


I did not offer you 11kk for spellbook. I offered 13kk and I said that highest buy offer was 11kk. You said that the lowest sell price was 20kk (slayer) and u had buyer for this item for 19kk.

I hope that karma will find you both, scammers
04/04/2015 19:12
Jay the druid (356 Elder Druid, Secura) said:
Dear Ksaviks, ever heard of negotiate tactics? learn some facts of life
04/04/2015 19:59
Druid-mike (240 Elder Druid, Secura) said:
Can someone please explain what a scammer is to this nub?

And for your information the master slayer has been sold for the price i was looking for so keep crying and asking to get it for 11kk,

Atleast we all know who the noobs are in Tibia, when they dont get the deal they are looking for the other person automatically becomes a scammer :P, Good one.
05/04/2015 04:48