Anni changed?

Maxy Arthes (290 Elder Druid, Nefera) said:
A guy told me that anni quest changed,the teleport got now a sort of long sqm ways and that you are able to logout infront of the tp (1 sqm without a anti logout zone) any1 can confirm this? 0.0 he showed me a screenshot but that could be faked so rly lol

cuz if that true,it should be reported lol the guy got a screenshot that they are 5 on the anni room lol
19/12/2014 23:49
Groesjenka (74 Master Sorcerer, Irmada) said:
rly lol
20/12/2014 16:46
Zadep (21 Paladin, Julera) said:
20/12/2014 22:44